Alco Energy Rotterdam / Our products


Our ethanol complies with the official fuel EN 15376 : 2014 specifications.

It is also partly sold for rectification usages, for screen-wash applications, etc.


DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles)

Our main co-product DDGS, concentrates about 3 times the protein of consumed grain. It is sold to the feed industry (dairy and beef cattle, pigs and poultry) in pellets as Proticorn.



Thanks to our cogen unit, we produce electricity and steam with high energy efficiency (35% better than producing separately). The plant is fully self-supporting regarding utilities (electricity and steam production, water treatment). About one third of the amount of electricity produced is for own use, the rest is sold and delivered to the public grid.



The Linde CO2 recovery plant recovers and purifies CO2 released during the ethanol fermentation process. CO2 is transported by underground pipeline to the greenhouses in the Westland and used for growing vegetables.