Working for Alco Energy Rotterdam

Alco Energy Rotterdam is a young bio-refinery based in Europoort-Rotterdam since 2010 and in Europe one of the largest producers of bio-ethanol, animal feed and CO₂.
In close cooperation with our sister company Alco BioFuel in Ghent, Alco Energy Rotterdam is building a climate-neutral future.
We want to achieve this in 2030.
The factory in Europoort employs around 120 people. On a daily basis they contribute to providing sustainable energy.

Our plans

Alco Energy Rotterdam’s ambition is to optimize production processes with great respect to safety, the environment and productivity.
We want to continue to deliver the highest possible quality products.

The shareholders are investing heavily. This means that we need employees who see it as a challenge to achieve these goals with us.
Our people take great pride in building the future of a young, competitive and environmentally friendly company.

How do we do this?

In order to achieve our ambition, we apply the values that have proven to be successful for us:

  • Team spirit: we combine all our individual talents and characters to achieve our goals together.
  • Respect: our behaviour is based on the consideration, respect and acceptance of all people, whether they are our customers, suppliers or colleagues.
  • Integrity: we stick to our commitments. We do what we say. We follow applicable laws and regulations and our code of conduct.
  • Quality: we set the global standard in all our ethanol activities and create an environment where our people can develop.
  • Passion: we are proud of our organization and strive to continue to improve our performance.
  • Customer satisfaction: each of us contributes to customer satisfaction in our daily work. We strive to be a valuable and reliable partner.


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