About us

Alco Energy Rotterdam is a partnership of shareholders who have many years of experience in the world of ethanol and animal feed production:

  • Main shareholder Alcogroup is an ethanol production, distribution and trading group, active worldwide;
  • Vanden Avenne Commodities, a family-owned company active in the trading, distribution and storage of grain and derivatives.

Our factory is a biorefinery in the true sense of the word: biomass (grain) is converted into bio-ethanol, protein-rich animal feed and green CO2. And we do this in a particularly efficient way which makes us one of the world leaders in our sector.

Our ambition is clear: we want to proactively optimise our production processes, focus on energy efficiency and all this with the highest possible respect to safety, health and the environment. We strive for a working environment in which we enjoy working together to produce and supply our high-quality and sustainable biofuels and animal feeds.

And in doing so, we place safety above all else in our daily work, working as a team with respect for each other with integrity, ambition and passion.

Alco Energy Rotterdam is the largest bioethanol plant in Europe with an annual production capacity of around  650 million litres. We also produce 450,000 tons of protein-rich animal feed and 300,000 tons of green CO2 every year.