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  • Alco Bio Fuel 27-06-2023 Alco Bio Fuel: Looking for further greening and diversification

    We want to further develop our biorefinery and expand our product portfolio. This could mean moving away from bioethanol.

  • 27-06-2023 “The combustion engine is not finished yet”

    Alcogroup has a business plan drenched in alcohol

    If you think that maize is mainly used to make cornflakes and popcorn, you are not yet familiar with the Belgian Alcogroup. The leading producer of biofuels processes tons of maize into animal feed and ethanol in its factories in Ghent and Rotterdam. The possible next step in the business plan is the production of climate-friendly fuels based on hydrogen and carbon.

  • PRESS RELEASE 23-05-2023 European Commission drops charges against Alco for alleged anti-competitive practices in the bioethanol sector Read more