Alco Energy Rotterdam / About us

Alco Energy Rotterdam is a joint partnership between shareholders of vast experience in all products related to the bio-ethanol production.


  • Alcogroup, an ethanol production, distribution and trading group, at worldwide level
  • Vanden Avenne Commodities, a family company, active in the trade, distribution and storage of grain and derivatives.


Alco Energy Rotterdam’s bio-ethanol  plant in Europoort in Rotterdam was started up in 2010 and is located in the Port of Rotterdam which is regarded as the main logistics hub in Europe for cereals, chemicals, fuels etc.


Key advantages for the production of top-grade bio-ethanol, and a range of co-products, such as protein-rich feed DDGS, electricity and CO2 (distributed to the greenhouses in the Westland):


  • Located in the Rotterdam Harbour, one of the largest ports in the world with proximity to ethanol markets in North West Europe and a locally very competitive area due to the high density of (petro) chemical industry.
  • Located in the main logistics hub in Europe for cereals, chemicals, fuels etc.
  • High logistics flexibility. Corn can be delivered by train, vessels and trucks. The facility has a dedicated jetty where simultaneously corn can be sicharged and  DDGS can be loaded in sea-going vessels.
  • DDGS is a pelletized product which is stored until shipped off site by truck, rail or vessel to customers.


Alco Energy Rotterdam production unit incorporates the latest state of the art technologies for the use of energy and reduction of environmental impact.

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