Alco Energy Rotterdam / Safety, Health and Environment

HSE policy declaration Alco Energy Rotterdam

“Working together towards a healthy and safe work environment”

As a new company, we are at the beginning of our development. Our ambition is clear: we want to adopt a proactive attitude, optimize our production processes and focus on energy efficiency. All this in a pleasant, healthy and safe work environment where our employees enjoy working together in order to supply our high quality and sustainable products. We want to be in full compliance with laws and regulations and cause no nuisance for our neighbours. In order to achieve this ambition, our policy focuses on:

  • Ensuring health and safety for all our employees and third parties (including contractors, trainees, visitors);
  • Preventing our operations from having an impact on man and environment in the surrounding area as much as possible;
  • Identifying and controlling risks that are linked to our operations, by guaranteeing a high level of protection;
  • Meeting legal requirements in the fields of health, safety, the environment and quality.
  • Making sufficient resources available.

We continuously improve and guarantee our work processes and HSE performances through the application of Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. We guarantee the quality of our high-grade and sustainable products by meeting the Good Manufacturing Practice+ (GMP+ certificate).

We strive for a safety culture in which our employees recognize the risks that are involved with the work and know how to work safely. We identify and evaluate our risks and establish systems to control risks. Our Safety Management System (SMS) is based on 17 safety management procedures (SMPs) that will give effect to the requirements of the Major Accidents Risks Decree 2015.

The line management will take responsibility for the implementation of the HSE policy. In practice, this will mean that they actively promote this policy, facilitate training and education, make the required resources available and encourage everyone to work safely. From employees it is expected that:

  • they know which procedures and rules apply to their work;
  • they take responsibility for their own safe behaviour;
  • they point out (un)safe behaviour to their close colleagues;
  • they work together as a team to achieve our ambitions.

This HSE policy declaration is evaluated on an annual basis as part of the management review and is revised if necessary.

The management of Alco Energy Rotterdam B.V.