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Alco Bio Fuel (our sister company) proudly celebrates its 10 years operations, from an ethanol + DDGS plant to a state-of-the art bio refinery!

And we will not stop here, read more on our press release.”



DeltaPORT Donation Fund

What is the DeltaPORT Donation Fund

The DeltaPORT Donation Fund is housed in a joint foundation in which the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Deltalinqs participate.

With the fund, the port and industrial business community underlines its social involvement: by providing monetary contributions to non-profit institutions active in the fields of culture, welfare, sport and recreation in the immediate vicinity of the Rotterdam port and industrial area.

The DeltaPORT Donation Fund manages a pot that amounts to € 280,000 annually. Approximately € 155,000 will come from the business sector and € 125,000 from the Port of Rotterdam Authority. More than 3 larger donations are made per year. This strengthens the face of the DeltaPORT Donation Fund in the port and industrial area. Donations are divided into small amounts across the entire region. Per (sub) municipality a certain amount is available for local projects, based on, among other things, the number of inhabitants. It involves activities (sub) municipalities:

Albrandswaard, Barendrecht, Bernisse, Brielle, Charlois, Delfshaven, Feijenoord, Hellevoetsluis, Hoek van Holland, Hoogvliet, Maassluis, Pernis, Rozenburg, Schiedam, Spijkenisse, Vlaardingen en Westvoorne.

Global overview of donations awarded, beneficiary organizations and purpose of donations.
Below the link to the website of the DeltaPORT Donation Fund.

DeltaPORT Donation Fund


Proticorn®, the animal feed produced by ABF and AER

Proticorn®, the animal feed produced by Alco Bio fuel and Alco Energy Rotterdam

Our 2 plants work as biorefineries, transforming grain in 3 main products: fuel ethanol, a low carbon addition to gasoline, DDGS, a protein-rich animal feed branded Proticorn®, and CO2, used for food, horticulture and industrial applications.
Vanden Avenne Commodities, who markets our Proticorn® DDGS was interviewed by the French magazine “La Reveue de l’Alimentation Animale”.
Johan Gereels, Quality Manager, underlines a few important aspects of our product: the quality control is very strict on possible traces of dioxines, pesticides, mycotoxins among others; Proticorn® is made from European corn, certified sustainable by ISCC, and replaces imports of GMO soja.
We really create value along the chain!

Proticorn®, the animal feed produced by ABF-AER





AER accredited as a work placement company!



ePure visits Alco Bio Fuel

“On August 22, our sister company Alco Bio Fuel welcomed the team of ePure, the European renewable ethanol association, for a visit of the plant”.

As ePure tweeted that day, it was a good proof that “renewable European #ethanol and food production go hand-in-hand #foodandfuel”.



“Quiz: how much do you know about sustainable biofuels?”

Today we have published our latest article in POLITICO: an interactive quiz on ethanol and biofuels. We encourage you to take the quiz and share it widely.



Visit from the board of mayor & aldermen of the county Brielle

The board of mayor and aldermen of Brielle visited Alco Energy Rotterdam on June 20th, 2017.


Newsletter from the South African company NCP Alcohols

NCP Alcohols is a subsidiary of the Alcogroup in Durban (South Africa)

Read all about what makes NCPA an awesome company and an even better globally connected employer  in the latest edition of Laduma, the company’s newsletter.



Renewable European ethanol delivered higher greenhouse gas savings than ever before in 2016

According to latest producer data, ethanol production and use scored better than 66% average savings over fossil petrol – yet another increase in ethanol’s EU decarbonisation performance.

Brussels, 7 June 2017 – European renewable ethanol delivered an average of more than 66% greenhouse-gas savings over fossil petrol in 2016, according to new certified data from European ethanol producers.

The number represents the latest of several annual increases in the climate-change-fighting potential of European ethanol, which has shown improved performance for five straight years.



Europe needs more than words to decarbonize transport

ePURE’s Emmanuel Desplechin writes in Ethanol Producer Magazine: “When it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport, the European Union is pretty good at talking the talk. But walking the walk? Not so much. Despite agreeing to ambitious climate and energy goals that require 18 to 19 percent emission reduction and 15 percent renewable energy in transport, it is now threatening to turn its back on one of its best options: conventional biofuels like renewable European ethanol.



Alco Energy Rotterdam

Alcogroup with its partners Vanden Avenne Commodities have purchased the assets of the Abengoa Rotterdam Plant in the frame of the Bankruptcy procedure of Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands.